Guess what, it seems as if BT are worse than just a bad company. It seems to me as if they also systematically lie to their customers.

I have just been rung by BT Outreach (I think that was what they are called) who actually do the work to install lines to houses and guess what. The date i received the night before an engineer was meant to turn up a while ago was wrong. Not only that, but the person who i spoke to actually lied to me saying that the new date was the 4th of September.



Update - Call from Jason

Seems as though the problem at BT's end is not that BT are a useless bunch of fucking lazy, lying scum-sucking idiots. But the Ombudsman has made them change their systems, and its the ombudsman's fault because the transfer has been less than smooth.

For fucks sake! Stop crying, though i don't obviously know myself, but arn't these things planned way in advance?! And shouldn't you (that is BT) have got the smooth planned process worked out, and isn't that responsibility YOURS?! And not the fac that the company is a failing collapsing monopoly that does not want to let go?!

Well, who knows. All I know is that this Jason guy has promised a better date than next friday and that compensation is in order.

Oh I hate BT.

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Anonymous said...

I FUCKING HATE THEM TOO! why are they so incompetant? They cant add up, they are money grabbing bastards, they lie, they provide a shit service. I could go on. I HATE THEM. FUCKERS.