World of Warcraft specification

Here is an interesting post on the Wowinsider which has a look at people's attitudes to putting specification points within the talant lines in the game. Here there is surprise that people don't choose their paths or even a general trend for the points that accrue every single level up past a certain point.

Myself, I totally understand this approach for most people. The way in which talent points is worked out within the game is deceptively set out to lend itself to a more 'unique' approach to those that aren't familiar with MMORPGs and the best ways to maximise their characters. It is the amount of choice which a character seems to have when you start that lends itself to a haphazard approach. I can see this in the person who I regularly play with whose experience of RPGs is minimal and it becomes the only way they want to improve the charactor because it is their character (understandably).

I guess what needs to be realised (and is more difficult to do seemingly in WoW) is that the thing you play is not yours. The Hunter, the Orc, the Tailor is bound in absolution by the rules of the game and the whims of the developers.

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