Enter Shikari

Bloody well love this band at the moment. Please please do give these a listen. Some form of melodic hardcore which manages to include some wonderfully dance/trancey elements into their music. Bloody marvellous for me who had naturally tended towards that direction in recent times.

Great live as well. MUST SEE!

Linky to their webby.


Lame 100th post

It seems as though this is my 100th post. *shrugs* ohh well.

Anyway, as tradition continues for random crappy posts I just want to make some sort of comment on the most recent floods in the Midlands.

It is a difficult thing for someone to see when you witness the loss of so much for so little reason. It is the same (but obvious on such an incredibly lesser extent than most) as many another natural disaster throughout the world but the result in news time seems to be muted. I guess this can only be a good thing, but at the same time wasn't there anything that could be done?

Flood walls? Reinforced defences along roads and main habitation areas? Maybe, but at the same time they have their disadvantages. The water, the influx of extreme amounts of volume, simply has to go somewhere and any attempt to defend one spot will simply displace it until those defences end.

What is needed then? There is no real solution, but it is another example for graduated stated response. Another example that shows a media's knee-jerk response is simply not going to work, and would only result in an influx of money and resources but not thinking. Understand the situation, city development, rail construction and the design of our country should be the issues at hand.

We should redesign the United Kingdom.


UK/US spellings

Just for anyone who gets aggravated with the lack of UK/British (TRUE spelling checkers, here is a good little chart that could clear up some of the United State's bastardisations.


Safari #2

Here is a good quick summery of this issues with Safari at the moment, and its a shame.

Even more fundamental issues seem to be for me that the scroll wheel doesn't work, I guess it might be something i could sort out, but why? It should be a naturally occurring function (imo) within the browser.

Oh, ok, Blogger is having issues as well. Wont work with the various in browser buttons. Not happy. Maybe this will change. But, as the previously mentioned blog comments...

"Maybe this is all to be excused as the program is still in Beta. Then again, thanks to Google and others the word “Beta” pretty much lost its meaning these days..."

Ha, I bloody well hope so, it sucks. A shame really because the renderer looks nice.

Apple Announces Safari on Windows

Looks like Apple is beginning to actually become a second Microsoft with the release of Safari, their previously apple mac only web browser, on Windows. Linky.

Can only be a good thing, competition and all that. Looks good, from the few minutes I have spent on it. Only issue is that I have my firefox working as I want, Will I be bothered to make the shift.

Actually thinking about this... Poor Firefox.


KFC here I... Greese!

Yup, it seems like I am beginning to take the plunge into the world of work proper... Well sort of proper, with KFC... Yeah.

But at least it is an assistant managers position. Something I would e really happy about getting, even if it does result in a plague of spots...!

You can't see spots on a CV! so HA! I win!


Asbestos Fingers - Lancaster WoW adicts

W00t another blog. This one is for me, Anne and Sarah to do with as we see fit with connection to World of Warcraft. Pop over there if you can't think of anything better to do.



Wow speed of leveling... Yamir - Night Elf Rogue

Just a quick pointer. Managed to get to level 5 in under 40 mins and 6 in under 50 play time. :)

Could do it quicker if I didnt mess up at a couple of points. Ohh Well.

I will probably post more on here about World of Warcraft methinks.. Boring and geeky i know.


Even someone without geek tendencies can appreciate this one methinks.

Just an amazing set up. All macs with artwork to boot!

I sure as hell would blog (oh and generally be more productive) if I had all that at my disposal!

Direct Linky


Test Test. Windows Live Writer.

After having a swift look around the tint-a-web for a blog editor of quality shockingly enough I have found a Windows product - Windows Live Writer. I will have a go at this for a while... it looks OK but a little clunky at the moment. Lets just hope it manages to upload smooth enough on Resnet here at Lancaster.

WoW News polution

Bah, I am sorry for those who are not interested by World of Warcraft but I just want to rant this minor thing out.

I am fed up with the main WoW Europe site's news being poluted with things like World of Warcraft card game releases or whatever. All I want to know about it the game I am playing. If you wanted to find out card game info then go to its own website.

Now here is a good way to run community contact with an MMO. DAoC for all of its other wonderful aspects also has (or had possibly with the recent loss of Sanya Weathers) the best community support/news/info of any MMO I have ever played...

I guess it costs too much for blizzard, takes too much effort and makes little or no money. Even if it does keep people happy.


WoW bringing in Voice Chat.


This has got to be good for me, being on a crappy uni connection that makes it impossible for me to use most voice-chat clients.

Searching for a Job

For those that are interested, this seems to be the plan over the next 12 months for me.

1) Get a job
2) Live in lancaster
3) Apply for St Martins for the year 2008 intake.

I guess, the major issue right now is getting a job. Its not fun. Especially with this currect total absence of drive I guess it is a matter of keeping in mind the many benifits of making lots and lots of money... such as paying off my debts.


Ohh well. At least it will be less stressful than Uni. No more dissertations.

Argh, my head hurts.


Seems to be working now...

To be honest the main reason why I have set this up is of interest value above any belief that I will get anything from it. Sorry to those who have some sort of hatred of adverts in websites.



Bloody hell, readers!

Well... Reader. But still good!

Post quoting a post of mine.

Thanks dude. Will have a better look at your blog and comment when i'm back from seeing some bands.

It does point out the fact that I actually have to think about what I am writing. Ohh well, an and to the age of badly spelt streams of consciousness.



Technorati effort.

Just setting up Technorati.

This will hopefully start an attempt to get more people reading this... or somthing.