Lame 100th post

It seems as though this is my 100th post. *shrugs* ohh well.

Anyway, as tradition continues for random crappy posts I just want to make some sort of comment on the most recent floods in the Midlands.

It is a difficult thing for someone to see when you witness the loss of so much for so little reason. It is the same (but obvious on such an incredibly lesser extent than most) as many another natural disaster throughout the world but the result in news time seems to be muted. I guess this can only be a good thing, but at the same time wasn't there anything that could be done?

Flood walls? Reinforced defences along roads and main habitation areas? Maybe, but at the same time they have their disadvantages. The water, the influx of extreme amounts of volume, simply has to go somewhere and any attempt to defend one spot will simply displace it until those defences end.

What is needed then? There is no real solution, but it is another example for graduated stated response. Another example that shows a media's knee-jerk response is simply not going to work, and would only result in an influx of money and resources but not thinking. Understand the situation, city development, rail construction and the design of our country should be the issues at hand.

We should redesign the United Kingdom.

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