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I know its ugly at the moment, but will have a go at it at some point.

Need to get work done now... and eat.


Blogger for word

Blogger for word!

Interesting concept I guess. Not sure if it will be worth while as it does not allow for pictures but never mind. But it may be conducive to more of a worded thoughtful blog instead of something that is simply used to post scraps of crap.

Ohh well.

Just given up with finishing my first essay of the term. Well I will finish it, but not just yet. I’m about 80% done and totally fatigued of it all; maybe the entertainments of British politics.

I am having difficulties with this set of essays, and this year at uni in general, I suppose. And I don’t think that it is simply more difficult either. Things just seem to have become broken in my head. Its getting difficult to think properly. To have a line of thought that is more than a couple of points; ive lost the ability to concentrate.. If I ever had it.


Interesting idea, everyone!

Put local bands on a podcast!

Give people the ability to listen to local music from the confort of their own computer chair but in a way that will respect copywrite better than something like myspace where tracks are for download. Also this will allow for a select showcase that people will find would have mroe quality with editing.

More importantly.

The music scene from all around the counrty can be compaired and experienced.


The inconceivable madness

The inconcievable Madness of the Joy you could bring
You could
you could
No, its madder than ever
and I thaught it was dead
Im not tired of living
not tired of living
tired of living

Edited Lyrics from the last Nizlopi album track.

I wonder...

I wonder if i would survive jumping into the river lune this time of the year...

Would it be too cold todo anything, or would some survival instinct cut in so that I manage to swim to the edge somewhere farther down... Or would i simply not make it in time and be swept off to sea.?

...Not a very good picture.. never mind.



Just playing

Lets see how it looks.


Blog time frankie

Hey, for no reason at all other than general boredom ive decided to post again here. You lucky buggers.

Look at me, im listening to a podcast... Its worrying, im slowly getting institutionally internectualised. In other words, becomming a geek. Maybe that will be beter than anything else, as this world is a hell of alot less stressless and disturbing....

Actually the pod cast is actually interesting, so everyone.
1) Go get winamp
2) Goon media libary
3)Listen to TWiT podcast (This Week in Technology)

Maybe I will attempt to make some sort of 'radio' podcast... That could be interesting.....


The introduction

A slightly edited version from that on Elfwood.
[Direct link]

He backed off slightly and the dark wolf glared, bearing it's teeth, growling with new ferosity at the show of weakness. Sticky saliva dripping from it's jowls as they chomped on the shirt which had been ripped off the man's back only moments before.

He still held his longsword in his weak quivering hand, given to him as a present from his father on the 17th anniversary of his birth, the day that he would have to set out for the wild, alone, to "prove prove your worth," his brother had said, to "kill some ravenous evil creature from the wild... Or at least attempt it, but knowing you..." His brother continued in a vain and mocking tone, he of course ever the warrior, had 'proven his worth' the year before, even though he was a year the younger.

What stood confronting him now seemed to fit the characterisation given by tradition he mused. I'm going to die now aren't I, boy? He thought, commenting on the canine quality of his foe, then snorting at the irony; he would die a boy. Would that be how he was remembered? He thought of the times the castle dogs had come back with limp bodies of small mammals in their jaws. He hadn't wondered about what it would have been to be that rabbit just before it was killed, but reflectively he thought he had a good idea now.

"Realisation is hell..." He said out aloud, the black wolf returning only the same monotonous and ever threatening growl, dropping the now mangled shirt as a red steaming pile on the cold frosty ground. Luthan's sword shined as he foolishly stepped back once again into a slight clearing in the woodland canopy, showing the weapon's hilt encrusted by rubies and emeralds befitting his position in life. A position he would loose if he ran; a boy would inherit nothing that men had achieved.

The wolf saw nothing to the weapon but the long thin part, which it knew would kill anything with half a chance. It's eyes were fixed. Nothing else mattered at the moment. It would pounce and go for the kill, but not yet. There was death held in the man's hand, but so to there was life. Food was a necessity. Death was a necessity. This kill was a necessity.

At that moment Luthan thought he saw his chance, watching as the wolf's yellow eyes, seemingly distracted and enraptured by the sword; he spent the next few moments in indecision. Here is my chance I can run over the rise behind me and turn again to fight. I can't die, and re-grouping myself on a more defensible position would give me a better chance... wouldn't it?

"To survive for your family is all that should be in your mind, equal with thoughts of the fight." Foolish words of the Master of Arms, sworn to his father. And as such, bound to say this and other quotes from the father who thought little of Luthan, in the short-time that he had spent in sword training. I can't do this. Why make me do this, dammit!? "Damn-you-father!!" And he ran back, dropping his clumbersom shield and sword waving wildly in the mad dash to somewhere he could feel safer.

He did not find it.

The wolf jumped, claws out-stretched, mouth wide open with saliva escaping at the edges as it flew through the air landing with a triumphant, ferocious, final growl before it bit into the back of it's neck.

Luthan screamed, pain shot through the whole of his back with inch long claws taking hold. He felt the wolf at the back of his neck and moved just in time before half of his neck was ripped away, instead little was taken but the shock of it caused him to flip as a reflex claws ripping out of his back, he turned onto his now tattered back. His scream ended as his eyes saw the horror of his death. The wolf side on planted it's paws onto his chest and it's head rose up in a tremendous howl, it's whole body siluetted by the brilliant light of the sun hidden from view. A black monster, dripping blood; his blood.
Realisation is hell...


(A new beginning)

For the last month or two (I could find out if it mattered too much, which it doesn’t) I was afraid to look at this blog, as it had a couple of posts which were a bit daft really and mostly induced by alcohol. I apologise.

Anyway, after creating a LiveJournal.com account (which I do not find as good as this in terms of usability and functioning) I return and will attempt to create some semblance of usefulness to this other than the rubbish pit for personal rants.

...Though I expect there will still be a fair few of those.

Anyway, once upon a time I wrote a story for my GCSE English coursework which sparked a number of short stories and a sign-up to the elfwood website of fantasy type wonders. Well, this spark of creativity has left me but is something which I wish to recreate.

How this will be achieved is interesting, I will use this blog not only for personal rants but for snippets of information making up some fantasy world which I will eventually write. Hopefully it will be comprehensive enough as well for others to join me and create a library of short stories written by a number of authors and published onto another blog connected to this... Well that is the plan anyway.

Now I just need to find some way to clear my head an start.




[This whole post was deleted, it was shit.]



[Deleted, profound only in my state of drunkenness]


Blue Bird

Slightly to misdirect you, the title of this post is the name of one of the best bitters around, and one of which i have recently discovered. If you ever see this drink and be merry!

Im writeing this waiting for kayleigh to arive. My new girlfriend as has been mentioned, and things are looking good for us though it still pales in comparison to what had come before, I can still hope to forget.

Todays little bundle of rambeling joy is simply about a thaught I had yesterday about Christianity and the Trinity.

I am a Religious studies student at university, and though it is only a minor course I am taking it is something that I am very much interested in. Religion confuses me in that i do not see any divinity in what I have seen, and thus cannot see how the other functions of religion cannot be fulfilled by less.... draining and consumeing (in all manners) ways?

But anyway, I diverge.

The point is that I can see that the God, Son and Holy spirit are one and three. Whole and seperate. But what I cannot see and rationalise with that creed is the relationship changes all through the bible with these 'entities'. God speaks/communicates to Jesus; is God speaking to himself? When does the Holy Spirit begin in the world; there is no mention pre-Jesus. Could this Trinity end; as things are, all things that ahve a beginning have an ending.

There are many confuseing aspects to Christianity that I do not understand. As I have been repeatedly told, there are many aspects in the tradition that are in tension and that change. The one underlying feature though (perversly) is truth. And it is this contored truth in constant flux that rules much of the world today (Yes, that means you George Bush).

A (very short) reply would say something on the line of there is underlying 'goodness' in christianity that is followed. But Even so soem of the things about the Religion which I am now finding show me even more so that there is nothing in it, more than (some/many) good minded individuals and a very corrupt structure.




It seems as though this is the start of a number of things, apart from this blog of which i am not sure are good things or not.

Chief of which, and one of two i will write about, is a new girlfriend Kayleigh. Sounds a little trivial doesn't it. Well it possibly is in the long run of things (and here i am talking about life times) but at this moment in time it could be exactly what the doctor (or indeed myself) ordered; confusion is what seems to be ruling things at the moment... Confusion and change.

I am at university, Lancaster to be precise, and even though that is not exactly anything new (I am now into my second term) it still feels new. I am settled, yes. I am relaxed, yes. And I am enjoying myself here. But how can this new situation compare to my grounding and home before this? I think the simple answer is it can't and that from now until I 'settle down' in whatever guise that may take (married?) the solid defense of a place that is a real home will now be impossible.

Everywhere will be temporary.