Guess what, it seems as if BT are worse than just a bad company. It seems to me as if they also systematically lie to their customers.

I have just been rung by BT Outreach (I think that was what they are called) who actually do the work to install lines to houses and guess what. The date i received the night before an engineer was meant to turn up a while ago was wrong. Not only that, but the person who i spoke to actually lied to me saying that the new date was the 4th of September.



Update - Call from Jason

Seems as though the problem at BT's end is not that BT are a useless bunch of fucking lazy, lying scum-sucking idiots. But the Ombudsman has made them change their systems, and its the ombudsman's fault because the transfer has been less than smooth.

For fucks sake! Stop crying, though i don't obviously know myself, but arn't these things planned way in advance?! And shouldn't you (that is BT) have got the smooth planned process worked out, and isn't that responsibility YOURS?! And not the fac that the company is a failing collapsing monopoly that does not want to let go?!

Well, who knows. All I know is that this Jason guy has promised a better date than next friday and that compensation is in order.

Oh I hate BT.

BT Breakthrough!

Picture created by Ina.

Yes you have it right, I have found the one and only way to deal with BT!

That is to speak/email a certain CEO of a certain company (which is our present focus of hate) and guess what?! You get a response within hours not days, as per the usual lag time of responses.

(EDIT: name and email of the ceo of BT have been taken down as this may result in an influx of angry people email him and detracting from my own issue. This will be a temporary thing and is done after a request by my flat mate. Sorry. But to be honest its an easy find, just use google.)

The response for me: That the issues I had will be sent to their super fast super skilled advanced customer support team of Uberness. Not those crappy plebs of which there are 2 of that deal with the thousands of thousands of calls every day.

Then a email was sent by BT, saying that 'Jason' on a specific phone number would deal with our problem from now on.

So guys. DO this now! and get some sort of resolutions to your problems!


Updates on the situ will follow.


Hatred for BT

There is nothing as universal within the UK (and I would lack surprise if this extended externally of these fair isles) but it's peoples hatred for BT.

BT is a shambles.

It is simply the worst company (excepting ethical issues) that there is. It does not do its job, well or otherwise, it holds an almost monopoly on many of its services and a total monopoly on the lines that enter your house and the methods of installing such a line.

Now this is where the crux of the matter is held. The installation of liens into the houses of people in Britain. Here Bt signally manages to fail to provide the most basic service. It is the reason why I am writing this from work as opposed to home. The night before the engineer was meant to arrive, at 8pm, someone called to say "oh there was a mistake with your order. The next slot that an engineer can arrive is in 7 days... err sorry?" This being over 2-3 weeks of waiting.

There is much much more that could be said. But others have said it already. Have a look at Ina's blog for example, which i found by typing 'I HATE BT' into google. Post 1 Post 2and Post 3 which comments on others who have the same urge to type 'I HATE BT' into search engines.


I promote some sort of bloggingly-incited revolution against this most terrible and disastrous of companies. Any takers?


I want Retribution!


Tony Blair

From my usual source of wonderful political comment; The Devil's Kitchen.
"When did being Prime Minister become nothing more that an ego boost for whichever slack-jawed narcissist happened to have got into Number 10?"

Ha! Blame Margaret Thatcher I say.

/sarcasm off.


US in IRAQ hot water shock!

Based off this tit-bit of sad news that US troops have died in a recent helicopter crash.

The Guardian online comments...

The blow came as the US president, George Bush, and the American ambassador to Iraq both stepped up the criticism of the country's prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, for failing to clamp down on sectarian violence.

Mr Maliki hit back at the criticism, declaring that no nation had the right to set "timetables" for the Iraqi government. He said his country could "find friends elsewhere".

The war of words capped another bleak day for the US military in Iraq.

I just don't fully understand the single(some may say blind) mindedness of the US with it's present foreign policy. The concept that they can bully the whole world in such a way that attempts to create a pressure of 'you have no other choice but to join us' has gone. The rising powers of China, Russia and others simply means that Mr Malaki's comments are ultimately true. They will move away from the west, something that could be seen as inevitable anyway.


Judge lets off man after he tortures his wife!

Just wanted to do a quick link to the Devil's Kitchen(a blog i should get back into reading regularly).

This is a terrible story and speaks for itself.

And so does this comment in respect to the guy who tortured his wife...

What cunts like this require is to understand what, precisely, they have done.

Brand this fuck with an iron -- on his face, to warn any future women -- and then flog him, naked, through the streets of the city, whilst a sign proclaiming his crimes hangs around his neck.

Then put him in the stocks for a week. If he survives that, he may then have been rehabilitated, i.e. taught what pain is.

God, but I loathe people.


For once this is not over the top by DK. In fact its probably a little lenient.

Japan's CrAzY new internet plan.

From Engadget.

It seems that Japan is planning to replace the Internet wholesale like.

I say good luck to them, they will need it like someone facing the front end of a nuclear missile who's only thought is "I wonder if there is any nice little message on the shell..."

Even so, if they try this with any gusto its going to cause a hell load of compatibility issues.... Bugger.

Ian's game and wi-kid stuffs....


I hope he doesn't mind, but I'm linking here to a mates website type thing which includes an unfinished game (I am yet to look at as I am at work).

It sounds quite fun, so... Have fun!


The Guild!

Just discovered this wonderful Webisode called 'The Guild'.

It is just great, with the concepts within MMO guilds down to a tea. managing to both dispel the geeky stereotypes and at the same time show the possibly more worrying truth that whilst MMO guilds are both sociable and (more?) fun than real life, they distort the world in some simply bizarre ways at times. Its difficult to describe properly, watch this and you may see what i mean.

..To some extent.


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Foucault Doll

You have no idea how much I want one of these.... :-(Foucault
No need to tell me I am extremely sad.

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Me me me me MEEEEEE!

Ok, well maybe that is a little bit of a manic title... Err... sorry?

But it does efficiently (lol) describe what this post is about.


Well, that isn't strictly true, I guess it is something more for the benefit of a certain someone who I believe will be reading this terrible excuse for a blog in the near future and may be more interested in what is happening to me at the moment (in more detail than texting allows) than my travels in the wonderful World of Warcraft. ;-)

Firstly, I guess my aim at the moment is simply to find a way to live my life. University isn't life, it is something sub-par, based nowadays on drinking and JUST making it through as best you can but not doing the best you can. At least it was for me, and that was a massive disappointment. So right now I'm trying to access a career, and not learning. Even so that career is perversely is learning. Teaching to be exact. Ace!

St Martin's is the planned route. And Religious Education is the subject. I just hope it will agree with me... And I have the courage to give my hair a good cut! (its a good way down my back now (and yes I can hear you 'tut'-ing hehe)).

After that the world is getting a job and moving into a new house. The first has taken far far too long (I am ignoring the stint as a dinner lady) but is eventually going on be either on the phones at a tech support centre or at AXA insurance... On the phones. W00t.

Oh and I REALLY REALLY want to go to Leeds Festival!

Got a ticket?


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Teachers bunk off school aparently. Ace!

The BBC news website has a story about how teachers go truant.

More holiday for me when I become one!

Or maybe not.

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World of Warcraft specification

Here is an interesting post on the Wowinsider which has a look at people's attitudes to putting specification points within the talant lines in the game. Here there is surprise that people don't choose their paths or even a general trend for the points that accrue every single level up past a certain point.

Myself, I totally understand this approach for most people. The way in which talent points is worked out within the game is deceptively set out to lend itself to a more 'unique' approach to those that aren't familiar with MMORPGs and the best ways to maximise their characters. It is the amount of choice which a character seems to have when you start that lends itself to a haphazard approach. I can see this in the person who I regularly play with whose experience of RPGs is minimal and it becomes the only way they want to improve the charactor because it is their character (understandably).

I guess what needs to be realised (and is more difficult to do seemingly in WoW) is that the thing you play is not yours. The Hunter, the Orc, the Tailor is bound in absolution by the rules of the game and the whims of the developers.

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Page Flakes - New homepage-creating-RSS-feed-reading-thingy-ma-jig

Here is something which I have just recently had a look at. It may actually be a Web 2.0 effort that I will keep interacting with for a change. Woo.

Basically it is a front page on the internet in the form of a Newspaper-ish layout. Making the use of RSS Feeds you can keep in touch with all the news you want in (almost) a glance.

Anyway, here is the link for the main page of Pageflicks.

And here is my own page.

-0=- You may need an invite or something... Humm will investigate. If you want one just ask. -=0-

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Gah! To-do list worries!

I know I have hundreds of things to do but I'm filling my existence with far too much internet centred rubbish.

Munch-cast is one, all about geek food apparently. Some odd new Netcast(pod cast?) from the Twit network.

Normally I would advise listening to any of these... But to be honest don't listen to this one, unless you have first got hooked to one of their other ones first. Twit is a good start..

Damnit! I'm rambling. Need to figure out what i need to do still...

Blogging isn't helping!!!!

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ScribeFire test. :-)

Just installed this wonderful (possibly?) little programme which is built into Firefox. It is supposed to be a quick and easy way to blog and such... well lets see shall we.

Judged on posts per week.

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Busy busy busy

Just come back from Cornwall on a great surfing holiday with my dad and brother. Just about to go to the Y-Not Festival (google search for link, its ace. What a great week.

...What a busy week. :-)