New political bloggity-ness

For all you wonderful people out there is a far too intellectual blog for you to read about international/domestic politics you will ever need!

More specifically and without any sense of sales-pitch; it is a blog started by me and my good friend Lucy with is at least on one level there for us to spout out and round off our political leanings in the public domain. This COULD be interesting.

I bet it wont be, but its worth a wonderful whole hearted try! :D

First post of detail by me is on the wonderful ex-neoconservative Francis Fukuyama (and incidently needs tidying up).

Have fun!

...Oh and the link!


Whoop Whoop!

Whooooo! What is digg?

What is digg? I suppose that is quite a philosophical and laden question if you are of the variety of the human species that is either too much of a geek or too much of a failing academic.

Anyway, click the link, its slightly comical.


Changes are looming...?

It seems like something may be changing.

Plans are in the pipeline for a new politics blog.. Yes indeed a new politics blog that will probably do exactly the same as all the other hundred blogs out there, but you never know it might be actually worth while...

Not that I am selling this, but I guess the important comment is that I wont be alone with this new effort. Someone will be there to give me constant rough pokes to the side to get me going, and most important thinking about politics.

Why bother? Well it is getting to that time where things are getting serious, my university course is almost at an end and I need to start thinking about what next. Why in the hell am I doing a blog of all things? Well. One possible line for me is politics. In creating a solely political blog I will be able to force myself to think about topics that will be important in such a career as well as showcase something of my own political opinion.

Well that's the basic plan. I guess all that needs to be done is get myself active and thinking about something other than my Dissertation... Oh and Neverwinter Nights 2.