Template change

I know its ugly at the moment, but will have a go at it at some point.

Need to get work done now... and eat.


Blogger for word

Blogger for word!

Interesting concept I guess. Not sure if it will be worth while as it does not allow for pictures but never mind. But it may be conducive to more of a worded thoughtful blog instead of something that is simply used to post scraps of crap.

Ohh well.

Just given up with finishing my first essay of the term. Well I will finish it, but not just yet. I’m about 80% done and totally fatigued of it all; maybe the entertainments of British politics.

I am having difficulties with this set of essays, and this year at uni in general, I suppose. And I don’t think that it is simply more difficult either. Things just seem to have become broken in my head. Its getting difficult to think properly. To have a line of thought that is more than a couple of points; ive lost the ability to concentrate.. If I ever had it.


Interesting idea, everyone!

Put local bands on a podcast!

Give people the ability to listen to local music from the confort of their own computer chair but in a way that will respect copywrite better than something like myspace where tracks are for download. Also this will allow for a select showcase that people will find would have mroe quality with editing.

More importantly.

The music scene from all around the counrty can be compaired and experienced.