Myspace Music Share 1: Benni Beard

After the other day's comment on various things I realised that one area where I could give this blog some content that people will actually want to see is through piggy-backing the talent of musicians of a generous heart.


Decoded that means that I will try to find artists everyday who allow their music to be downloaded for free and enjoyed by the masses. Fun times eh?


BenniBeardRight well the first victim to my failing attempts at description is, as the title may suggest is Benni Beard. A singer-songwriter from the Lancaster area who seemingly cannot get a gig no matter how much talent he shows to the world.


Three songs (EP 1 anyone? ;-) ) of an acoustic bent covering a wide range of topics with a unique northern delight - Benni is well worth a listen. Catch him at www.myspace.com/bennibeard.


"Pull your socks up Billy Timon. "


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