Ok, layout number 2.

Ok, well that last one sucked also. Right I will get this right at some point... Its just a shame I lack the ability to make a site myself. I mean it wouldn't need to be too complicated... Just something that Was clean, simple, slightly different and had was easy to make small html (or whatever) manipulations.

...Anyone? ^_^


Right well this one is staying until I get fed up with it; though the probability will be how it looks in Wondows Live Writer when you "enable the style of your blog in the program" or something. Well trust me. It looks terrible.

Oh well. Right now. Its Easter. So  that means ignoring the Christian origins and enjoying a few weeks of drinkin' and playin'. No more theology. No more essays. No more typing into Microsoft products in a semi-cohesive way.... err...


...Hang on!


What am I doing here?!


Buh bye!

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