Final Template Post - Plus!


Ok, At last a template I am almost happy with.


I will not comment on this again, though I would like to get some sort of feedback. I am not 100% happy with the background colour as of yet, but it is a much improved one over all the others I have tried.



After a shot discussion with a Benni (Pictured and linked above! Great singer-songwriter from Lancaster) the other night I think it would be much easier if I just posted here the things I use to make voyaging the internet much much easier.


Firefox. Nuff said.

Windows Live Writer. When looking around for some form of program to compose my blog postings I saw that for a change no-one was really ripping apart the 'Live' suit of products from Microsoft. Enough to say that I find it incredibly easy to use and its form which attempts to mirror the layout and style of your blog is a nice touch. As far as features go, it has a budding addon community (See Social bookmarking tags at the bottom) and everything else you would want. (Sorry for the reviewing cop-out but if you drank the amount I did last night... Well... you will probably be ok. But meh.)

Feed Demon . This is a program which aggregates, manages and generally holds in one nice place all the RSS feeds you are looking at. Not quite as friendly from a user's standpoint as WLW but VERY powerful. It used to be a paid program until recently and though I think their model of economics is now based upon selling the data of its users I do not believe that any of this is personal or individual to you. The major benifit, though I am yet to have a situation that will use this, is the fact that the management of the feeds is online based. This, much like a POP3 email service to a client, means that you can look at your feeds from two different computers and keep both up-to-date and current.


Well meh, there are a few things that I use to keep the Internet in order. Any advice on alternatives that would be better then just say. :-)


One issue I am having at the moment is what media player to use. I mean I used to be WinAmp through and though but now I am not so sure; it simply went too unstable for me. Now I use an odd codec-and-DRM-driven combination of iTunes, VCL player and media player... None of which I am happy with. Oh well. :)

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