The most unlikely civil liberties defender of all!

Based around the recent events of David Davis surrendering his position of MP causing a by-election in his constituency. All because the bill to extend pre-charge detention to the ridiculous and horrendous length of 42 days, here is a punk band who have written a (bad-ish) song on the matter.



Not the best ever, I grant you. But I'm very chuffed that someone has actually done this.


Rock on!



Shame I probably don't have anywhere near the skill sets that would be needed...




Click on link for why. The slide looks ace.

Call me a geek...

...Or whatever but the concept, even when it isn't even sketched out of a Civ MMO makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Heavens knows how in the hell (ha) it will play out... Heres to hoping that Sid figures it out.


Contact Juggling

Ignoring the cheapening comments of 'FAKE!' from the numptys who read the blog, Dvorak.org/blog has a great vid of someone contact juggling.

I was genuinely excited whilst watching this vid, about half way through it somehow hits you and becomes remarkably compelling. That being said the noise at the start is annoying.



For those that care

I have had a bit of a restructuring of my web experience. I now do three blogs, which instead of making posting less likely should focus things.

1) This blog, which is going to be basically a chilled out personal effort highlighting cool things online.

2) http://anthonyconstable.blogspot.com Which will be a more focused attempt to comment on politics, building up something of a library of work. I hope, that some day I will be able to use it to back up applications for work and such things.

3) http://silentdawn-guild.blogspot.com A WoW guild on Dreanor EU server. Open for anyone to join. At the moment, just a group of friends, about 10 or so, who are thinking about growing into something more.


Right, there you go.


Have fun,


Real music.

Not really a big blues person in general. But this is great. :-)


As you may realise this is a repost with the second vid. oh well. Too lazy to sort it out. Enjoy.


Internet dies after fires at server farms.

Every blogger will probably have been effected by downtime recently from what I hear was caused by fires at google. On the same day (24hours) as another load of servers have brought mayhem to the internet, including my WoW guilds forums.


A fire at a Texas data centre known as The Planet has affected 9,000 servers, bringing down web pages across the globe.

Nasty. An easy way to 'bring down' large portions of the Internet? Meh.


Real music.

Not really a big blues person in general. But this is great. :-)