The inconceivable madness

The inconcievable Madness of the Joy you could bring
You could
you could
No, its madder than ever
and I thaught it was dead
Im not tired of living
not tired of living
tired of living

Edited Lyrics from the last Nizlopi album track.

I wonder...

I wonder if i would survive jumping into the river lune this time of the year...

Would it be too cold todo anything, or would some survival instinct cut in so that I manage to swim to the edge somewhere farther down... Or would i simply not make it in time and be swept off to sea.?

...Not a very good picture.. never mind.



Just playing

Lets see how it looks.


Blog time frankie

Hey, for no reason at all other than general boredom ive decided to post again here. You lucky buggers.

Look at me, im listening to a podcast... Its worrying, im slowly getting institutionally internectualised. In other words, becomming a geek. Maybe that will be beter than anything else, as this world is a hell of alot less stressless and disturbing....

Actually the pod cast is actually interesting, so everyone.
1) Go get winamp
2) Goon media libary
3)Listen to TWiT podcast (This Week in Technology)

Maybe I will attempt to make some sort of 'radio' podcast... That could be interesting.....