Theft! The State Steals Our Bodies!

In an enlightening post (at least for me) by DK he briefly explains how the state has, since 1948, been the property of the UK government.

The state is the provider of a service: the National Health Service in this case. Because the state provides and "pays" (through taxes, of course) for this service, it has the power to dictate to the population.

He goes on to comment that both there is no signed contract for this handing over of your flesh, eye balls, fat, lungs, brains etc. And that the NHS has every right to comment and 'improve' its service... Though dictates to you.

Indeed I would argue that it has the inbuilt need to do this under the guise of better management or whatever and also uses the threat of a loss of service to encourage(read: blackmail) the people to carry out it's decisions on your own body.

Anyway, go read. He does it much better than I do.

...Humm... Thinking (well actually not thinking) about it about it. I'm sure Foucault has something to say about this.


Funneh: Lorry teetering-tottering in lancaster

Taken from: http://www.thevisitor.co.uk/morecambe-news/Truck-hangs-off-Crook-o39.3416813.jp a local lancaster Newspaper. Comical I guess.

But it is another example of random tit-bits of local news I wouldn't ordinarily get without the helpful use of Pageflakes.com.

Oh well. The link to my page is to the right. Go click and see what you think.


Litterers Must Die

It is a terrible situation I have just realised. A terrible situation indeed. A matter of life and death. We have children who give no respect to their surroundings, who litter without a moments consideration to their environment and to other peoples experience of their environment. This is a matter that the whole of society should be in fear and disgust over as it degrades us as a nation and as people.

[Even though the above statement is very melodramatic by design]

There is an unbelievable misunderstanding by the British people of globalism and the world we live in. They believe that because we are not in a global situation dealing with largely inclusive international institutions any problems we have at home are at best of a lesser importance, or at worst just simply not worth the bother.

This is a heinous issue which shows itself in many ways. The lack of respect by young people of their immediate environment is one example. And in this the teaching of their kids by parents is shown to be lacking, I mean what's the point in teaching your own child when society is looking after them with comprehensive schooling and such. I mean our state is one of the good guys on the international scale, and WE tell the rest of the WORLD how to look after their children. So if me (as this theoretical parent) really needed to look after my own child then we as a state would have no right to tell others what to do... Right?

Well yes indeedy. We as a state and as a nation have vastly ignored ourselves and our own failing and need to remember to think when we act, and if not that respect those that do think and respect the basic rules that allow people to live together in an enjoyable environment for the future.


DIGG: Correlation between mental illness and GW Bush voters

Just another qicky from digg. Got things to do!"Lohse, a social work master’s student at Southern Connecticut State University, says he has proven what many progressives have probably suspected for years: a direct link between mental illness and support for President Bush."

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AMAZING! Realistic Cardboard Sculptures [Lazy Digg.com blogging again]

"Chris Gilmour, an English artist living in Italy has created these realistic life size sculptures of everyday objects such as cars, bikes, wheelchairs, etc" - Digg.comBut truly this is ace. Something for sarah. Maybe I am wrong about the ability and need of artists to look and experiment with the mundane. This is something really really good.

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Bush Says that Nuclear Iran will Lead to 'World War Three'

"President George W Bush today warned that world leaders risk helping bring about "World War Three" unless they do more to prevent Iran developing nuclear weapons. In remarks timed to coincide with Russian president Vladimir Putin's visit to Teheran, Mr Bush said the Islamic republic must remain isolated until it drops its nuclear ambitions." Digg.Taken from Digg. Just another example of..a) The shameful situation which has developed within world politics at the moment.b) Lazy blogging on my part.

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Radiohead and music distribution

Taken from my comment on Kierenmccarthy.co.uk blog post. It is in relation to Radiohead's new album and what it means to the music industry.

I'm just listening to the album now (track 4) and I seem to be enjoying it which is nice.

As far as the actual method of distribution goes, I can only see it to be a step forward. That is not to say it is a step forward TO any particular method of distribution, but a step forward to the day that music wont be locked into the major music companies.

For me the music industry is evolving, VERY VERY slowly for the moment, but it is evolving. Music is taking the middle ground. It is now harder for smaller bands/groups/individuals to gain popularity. And also there is a backlash against the high CD sales etc, making larger groups/individuals less likely in the future.

The net result will be a multitude of good/great bands that just don't get world wide recognition. What they will do is create amazing music, have a seizable following and importantly, distribute their music in whatever way they see fit. There will soon be a myriad of methods and music will - if not be free - will begin to fit the listener and the creator as opposed to the company.


Here is a post from DK on lying politicians and an interesting video from the UKIP conference.

The contents are an interview from the Devil with Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP.

Is the video. Its well worth the 5 mins to have a listen for everyone as I believe that people should know more about the smaller parties if nothing else.

No major look at this, the moment has gone. oh well.


Radiohead's new album, buy it for... well...

A bit odd really, but staying on the musical theme, one of Britian's most popular rock bands are soon to release their new album as a digital download. The price...

Interestingly as well they are selling a fixed price digi-box of ultra cool goodness (well thats what they imply) with the cost of a hefty £40.

A new model for music distribution in the future?

I doubt it, but the more this is panning out I just do not think there will ever again be one model, or one process in the distribution of music. Maybe things will be totally digital etc. But honestly I can see wacky and wonderful deals from bands increasing in number and variety over the next 10 years.

Go to Radiohead.com for more info.



Not that you would blame them for doing it as such, but they have an extra charge for paying with debit cards... What I do blame them for is not saying that they were going to do it. Grrr.

Well maybe I was blind at the time. Anyone else notice the extra charge as below?


WoW music video.

Really, look at this (do it Ina! :-p) it is just that good. Found on the WoW Insider, this video is a wonderful and entertaining example of the real creativity that is allowed by the internet and the video gaming platform.

Baron Soosdon has outdone himself this time. And that's saying alot. Using the WoW Model Viewer, some amazing editing tricks and a song from the "Resident Evil: Extinction" soundtrack, he has created a music video that looks better than 99% of the professionally made crud you see on MTV.

Look below if you are not interested in this sort of random tit-bit of video gaming goodness for some 'harder' political comment about schools.




I have recently (you may or may not know) started a PGCE course for Secondary Schools specialising in Religious Education. And in this position I have suddenly found it interesting to keep tabs on the events, and more to the point in my book, differing philosophies surrounding the teaching of our youngsters.

...Sorry, young people... Or students... Definatly not Kids... Yeah, whatever.

Reading the DK's response to Conservative plans to emulate (badly as it seems, link focuses on tax cuts but buried in there is the education bit) various successful schooling systems in Switzerland and parts of the US with some interest.

On the Devil's Kitchen the response is well known to anyone who reads it; the distinct noise of a head banging against a wall in frustration at the stupidity that results from politics. It seems, says the DK somewhat tentatively that, "whilst I wouldn't like to leap to conclusions, it seems that the Tories still don't get it."

Exactly what they don't get is something that surprises me. They don't seem to get the fact that more government intervention and the greater that Education is politicised the worse our education system becomes.

I can't help but agree wholeheartedly, especially from the perspective of someone going into teaching RE. RE is a contentious issue and subject to teach. This is only heightened with the current climate resulting in children's(including more grown up children who vote BMP) ignorance towards other cultures shown, expressed and even acted upon like no other time. Equally RE seems to be avoiding the difficult questions, looking at high ethics as a way from touching on Muslin or Christian Extremism, for example.

There are no "Why do they hate us so much?" questions. Or looks at the problems within the state of Israel. Instead I am seeing topics that look at more cold issues and ethical dilemma which may be important, but ultimately are lacking in relevance for anyone who deals with (what can almost seem like) race wars within school property.

In RE there is no National Curriculum. This is a good thing, but not only this but there is no leadership to make RE anything more than a pathetic excuse to appease history and the dwindling sense that this is a Christian nation. Leadership is needed in direction empowering schools to touch on intrinsically difficult topics. But freedom like that which is proposed by DK on a Education sector wide is also applicable to a smaller level.

As I say, we have some of the last aspect but it is at the moment failing for RE only in its timidity. So in this I make a rallying call for all Religious Education teachers everywhere. Where all other subjects are being dumbed down and made easier, make RE the subject that engages, enthuses and intellectually stimulates all students from all backgrounds.

Smoking age now 18

I can honestly say this is one of the first things that this wonderful government has done that I have whole-heartedly agree on. BBC news is reporting that the age limit for smoking has now increased to 18, and that this will make things both clearer for shop owners to understand who they should sell to as well as (hopefully) stop younger and younger people from beginning the habit.

Now for me the most interesting part of this is the comment later in the article that a) there was a media campaign to highlight this new change; and b) that it was woefully inadequate.

It is something that dumbfounds me here in that this is something that I am quite passionate about and never knew was coming! I guess this is possibly because I am not either one of the two target audiences that are mentioned above... But still this is a momentous occasion that most people will be interested in to some degree.

Oh well, it probably wont even do all that much... Alcohol is more than easily available for those under-age (though how exactly I am not sure, as I still am getting ID'd at 21), so why shouldn't it be the same for Smoking.