Smoking age now 18

I can honestly say this is one of the first things that this wonderful government has done that I have whole-heartedly agree on. BBC news is reporting that the age limit for smoking has now increased to 18, and that this will make things both clearer for shop owners to understand who they should sell to as well as (hopefully) stop younger and younger people from beginning the habit.

Now for me the most interesting part of this is the comment later in the article that a) there was a media campaign to highlight this new change; and b) that it was woefully inadequate.

It is something that dumbfounds me here in that this is something that I am quite passionate about and never knew was coming! I guess this is possibly because I am not either one of the two target audiences that are mentioned above... But still this is a momentous occasion that most people will be interested in to some degree.

Oh well, it probably wont even do all that much... Alcohol is more than easily available for those under-age (though how exactly I am not sure, as I still am getting ID'd at 21), so why shouldn't it be the same for Smoking.

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