Litterers Must Die

It is a terrible situation I have just realised. A terrible situation indeed. A matter of life and death. We have children who give no respect to their surroundings, who litter without a moments consideration to their environment and to other peoples experience of their environment. This is a matter that the whole of society should be in fear and disgust over as it degrades us as a nation and as people.

[Even though the above statement is very melodramatic by design]

There is an unbelievable misunderstanding by the British people of globalism and the world we live in. They believe that because we are not in a global situation dealing with largely inclusive international institutions any problems we have at home are at best of a lesser importance, or at worst just simply not worth the bother.

This is a heinous issue which shows itself in many ways. The lack of respect by young people of their immediate environment is one example. And in this the teaching of their kids by parents is shown to be lacking, I mean what's the point in teaching your own child when society is looking after them with comprehensive schooling and such. I mean our state is one of the good guys on the international scale, and WE tell the rest of the WORLD how to look after their children. So if me (as this theoretical parent) really needed to look after my own child then we as a state would have no right to tell others what to do... Right?

Well yes indeedy. We as a state and as a nation have vastly ignored ourselves and our own failing and need to remember to think when we act, and if not that respect those that do think and respect the basic rules that allow people to live together in an enjoyable environment for the future.

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