Radiohead's new album, buy it for... well...

A bit odd really, but staying on the musical theme, one of Britian's most popular rock bands are soon to release their new album as a digital download. The price...

Interestingly as well they are selling a fixed price digi-box of ultra cool goodness (well thats what they imply) with the cost of a hefty £40.

A new model for music distribution in the future?

I doubt it, but the more this is panning out I just do not think there will ever again be one model, or one process in the distribution of music. Maybe things will be totally digital etc. But honestly I can see wacky and wonderful deals from bands increasing in number and variety over the next 10 years.

Go to Radiohead.com for more info.



Not that you would blame them for doing it as such, but they have an extra charge for paying with debit cards... What I do blame them for is not saying that they were going to do it. Grrr.

Well maybe I was blind at the time. Anyone else notice the extra charge as below?

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Carlo said...

they have written that small fees could have been applied! :P

Better this that many many other "theft"!