Nut Job US Extremist Christian comically attacks Harry Potter. MUST SEE

"I have heard many bad things about these books and movies, there would be countless instances of witchcraft, cursing, brewing of drugs made by boiling alive babies pulled from the earth, sexual congress with goats and many more things not fit for young readers' and viewers' eyes, but what I found was much worse still than I had feared."

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Worst hangover ever.

Just spent the day with the worst hangover ever, the sort of one that lingers at the same painful and sickening level pretty much the whole day. Its atrocious.

Word of warning people.


Had a good night though at the Bobbin. A night run by a friend called Ben and Bramp. I would advise people to go if they can. Rock on!


The Height of Fashion

Anyone want a I love Gordon Brown T-Shirt? ahem?

I bet these are selling like... Well. Gordon Brown T-Shirts. Its not as if anyone hates him, or indeed likes him enough yet. Silly really.

[Blogger seems to be broken, click on the link if you want to see it, i would have put a pic otherwise. blah. ]

World of Warcraft is taking my life....

OK, well I should be doing more on here, but blame World of Warcraft... Damnit!

Just need a job at the moment. I've got one on the line, but at the moment its being a pain. The agency or the company they are servicing are talking ages to come back to me to tell be I havn't got the job.

Go on, tell me. PLEASE!


Long time no see...

I guess I should be slapped on the wrist for letting all my many readers hang dry for all this time. Shame on me!

Ohh well, no use dwelling in the past, once again this heralds a new dawn in my blogging life! Here it comes!



Anyone got an editor that helps me read and highlight text within web pages? It is just annoying to go through a long article like this and have to re-read/scan it for the parts that I felt interesting. Right?

Someone prove me wrong and find me something, my hours(yeah right) of Google searching has come up with nothing worth while.

An ice-lolly for the winner!

...Or maybe some cheese. 0_o