I really hate my pc at the moment.

It is getting to the point where points are viable impliments for other people's eyes... Not that anyone else has done anything wrong, but really, if the world is going to cause me days upon days of stress and 25,000 bloody spanners in the crudding works, I have a right to do something... unproductive - right?

I have various new bits of computery stuff. A new shiny keyboard, a new internal HD and an external one.

1) The shiny keyboard is shiny and keyboardy and great. No complaints! WooHoo!

2) The external -rectal excretion- Hard Drive now no longer realizes it is in fact inserted into a feckign computer! It has no knowledge, it worked once, and realized the helpful Hard-drive life as the slave of one pissed off student as too much so now it just whurrs away blissfully in a world of its own, randomly deigning to look at the system from time to time but only to fail on the install and run away again.!

3) And this is the fucking clintcher! This is the one that takes the biscuit, shoves it up your arse jumps out with hammy the fucking wonder gerbil and does a tango on you nerves. I have spent DAYS trying to get an OS onto the damned internal hard drive, which is working fine thankfully. But this process has resulted in 7 failed cd burns, the last of which is an OS but not the one I wanted. A computer which now does not like the idea of cds or (heaven forbid) DV-fecktarding-Ds and throws the biggest, bluest, angry beeping screen of death that you have ever seen! I mean really, its like that blue troop effort with the drums, you know what im talking about, the thing with loads of men painted like smurfs, who then decide to pack up the ghost of light entertainment and go on a rampage around the rest of the cast and crew only to kill themselves in the process.

I mean. It just wouldn't work.

The Forest II: Relentless Thirst (PART 1 of 2)

A wonderful creation by those Secret 7000 lads.

Really this is so good I actually started to run around like s small child pretending to shoot 'The Simons' with toy guns!



The Forest II: Relentless Thirst TEASER

The full film will be up soon. Here is the teaser.

Really really worth watching to the extreme for the blatant daftness of it all.

Will do a better write up, and a look at the fun that was had in Liverpool for the prem of the full feature later; im still too fucked from all the drinking.


Rethinking the War on Drugs - opendemocracy.net

Some of you may know that I have been known to read a wonderful website called Open Democracy. It has a tendency towards the leftist critical thinking as well as some radical feminism but meh, its a regularly updated, often clear concise look at international politics.


Article in question.


Anyway. It seems like the concept of drug enforcement may be about to change. With the (laughable) title  of The Coalition of the Healing, the United Nations office on Drugs has looked at the undoubted failings in drug enforcement and is now searching for a new paradigm. That is one which doesn't punish Joe Blogs recreational drug user and actually targets the organised crime groups that are making insane amounts of money and getting away largely scott free.


The most interesting aspect of this is that it may not actually be in the form of total enforcement; that has already been done as the article points out with most of the major Columbian cartel bosses either dead or behind bars. What may be looked at is a more realistic approach to drugs past prohibition...


How this may be formed I am unsure. Total relaxation of laws seems unlikely. Even what was begun by the change of Cannabis from a Class B to a Class C in the UK looks to be on the verge of a reversal... All I can say is that most people in this country see the effects of 'softer' drugs in their real life and blatantly don't see what all the fuss is about when compared to alcohol and (some would say, though not me) the excessive talk of damage by smoking.


Samsung to Produce Faster Graphics Memory

Samsung has announced a new line of GDDR5 chips that will supposedly be able to deliver data at speeds of up to 6 Gbps. In addition to faster data delivery the new chips also claim to consume less energy than previous versions. "Samsung said the new chips consume 1.5 volts, making them about 20 percent more efficient than GDDR 3 chips. Samples of the GDDR 5 chips began shipping to graphics-processor makers last month, and Samsung plans to begin mass production of the chips during the first half of next year. GDDR 5 memory should first appear in high-end gaming systems where users are willing to pay a premium for better graphics. Samsung did not disclose pricing for the chips.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


So that is 6-12 months max before all the uber great PC rigs are obsolete. Harsh really. Now you can see the replacements already. Now this makes me happy that I only seem to be going to cheap ass components at the moment for my heap of junk.

It has a nice case, if it wasn't so exposed like this, nice in built flashy blue lights and SOOO many fans. :-D


Legality aside... I guess.... Well here is a great audio search thingy online using google. Get the direct tracks you want really really quick.

Send a parcel to our lads out war-fighting.

Again, lazy or what, but Ian Dale's Diary is a great post by Ian Dale supporting sending a parcel to the guys and gals in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't know if I will get around to sending one to be honest, but I will try.

Back on Windows Live Writer

In a lazy blogging method I'm going to forget about linking etc.


Anyway, I'm possibly going to get back to using the windows live writer and incidentally much of the windows live range. I even made a new hotmail email account! wonderful.


Right I'm listening to TWiT and can't concentrate. So more blogging soon I hope.