Samsung to Produce Faster Graphics Memory

Samsung has announced a new line of GDDR5 chips that will supposedly be able to deliver data at speeds of up to 6 Gbps. In addition to faster data delivery the new chips also claim to consume less energy than previous versions. "Samsung said the new chips consume 1.5 volts, making them about 20 percent more efficient than GDDR 3 chips. Samples of the GDDR 5 chips began shipping to graphics-processor makers last month, and Samsung plans to begin mass production of the chips during the first half of next year. GDDR 5 memory should first appear in high-end gaming systems where users are willing to pay a premium for better graphics. Samsung did not disclose pricing for the chips.

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So that is 6-12 months max before all the uber great PC rigs are obsolete. Harsh really. Now you can see the replacements already. Now this makes me happy that I only seem to be going to cheap ass components at the moment for my heap of junk.

It has a nice case, if it wasn't so exposed like this, nice in built flashy blue lights and SOOO many fans. :-D

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Ina said...

Brilliant, I'm glad I decided to leave off building my new PC for a while.

My current (albeit, broken) easily beats yours in terms of messy wiring by the way ;)