Radiohead and music distribution

Taken from my comment on Kierenmccarthy.co.uk blog post. It is in relation to Radiohead's new album and what it means to the music industry.

I'm just listening to the album now (track 4) and I seem to be enjoying it which is nice.

As far as the actual method of distribution goes, I can only see it to be a step forward. That is not to say it is a step forward TO any particular method of distribution, but a step forward to the day that music wont be locked into the major music companies.

For me the music industry is evolving, VERY VERY slowly for the moment, but it is evolving. Music is taking the middle ground. It is now harder for smaller bands/groups/individuals to gain popularity. And also there is a backlash against the high CD sales etc, making larger groups/individuals less likely in the future.

The net result will be a multitude of good/great bands that just don't get world wide recognition. What they will do is create amazing music, have a seizable following and importantly, distribute their music in whatever way they see fit. There will soon be a myriad of methods and music will - if not be free - will begin to fit the listener and the creator as opposed to the company.

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