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Anyway, a quick update before I go and have a shower.

(Damn I need to get out of twitter mode and stop telling people every little insignificant thing that is happening or going to happen or I am thinking or looking at... a wall at the moment. GAH!)

Yes. I am on Twitter. Please follow me. I am lonely and keep bugging the various people I find interesting and enlightening on the Internet; The Devils Kitchen (link right for main site) for one, and then Will Harris of Channel Flip fame, on mediocre points that could only be annoying for the both of them. Well thankfully they answered my questions and I am a happy Internet stalker.

So yes. Come on twitter. Follow me and hear even less thought out comments on there from me. Honestly, its worth it. It will make me happy and you all want that. Right?

Ok, well its good as well to keep tabs on your friends (if you get them on here) as well as people like the before mentioned Internet goliaths that produce online tit-bits of goodness for your pleasure.

Good good...



I failed to really explain what twitter was. Click here for a short snappy vid on the phenomenon. Its actually worth watching even if you are not interested in the big T.

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