Hatred for BT

There is nothing as universal within the UK (and I would lack surprise if this extended externally of these fair isles) but it's peoples hatred for BT.

BT is a shambles.

It is simply the worst company (excepting ethical issues) that there is. It does not do its job, well or otherwise, it holds an almost monopoly on many of its services and a total monopoly on the lines that enter your house and the methods of installing such a line.

Now this is where the crux of the matter is held. The installation of liens into the houses of people in Britain. Here Bt signally manages to fail to provide the most basic service. It is the reason why I am writing this from work as opposed to home. The night before the engineer was meant to arrive, at 8pm, someone called to say "oh there was a mistake with your order. The next slot that an engineer can arrive is in 7 days... err sorry?" This being over 2-3 weeks of waiting.

There is much much more that could be said. But others have said it already. Have a look at Ina's blog for example, which i found by typing 'I HATE BT' into google. Post 1 Post 2and Post 3 which comments on others who have the same urge to type 'I HATE BT' into search engines.


I promote some sort of bloggingly-incited revolution against this most terrible and disastrous of companies. Any takers?


I want Retribution!


Ina said...

Sorry to hear you're having the same troubles :(

I've taken up your idea of a revolution though - I even made us a logo:


Let me know if you get any support for the revolution! :D

Will said...

Just off the phone from BT trying to order BT Vision. This is because the ordering website is being worked on (and therefore is offline).

I had to wait in a queue for ages, with this annoying woman saying "You can order online @ bt.com/btvision." Ahhhhhh I can't you stupid woman!!!!!!!!!

She then had the cheek to tell me that they were very busy and that was why I was in a queue! No BT, you just need more workers!

I know someone who once spent his whole morning on the phone to BT waiting in queues, being transferred from one person to the other (that is really annoying because you have to start again with each person "Name----" "Phone No----" etc.), being cut off and having that dreaded woman saying:

"For x press 1, for y press 2"

BT's customer service is abysmal, and they should be told by the government to buck their ideas.

There could also be a poll in the papers- "Do you hate BT?"

Then again, the actual technicians are always pleasant (to me, are they to everyone else?).

Good luck with all of your experiences!


will said...

An update!

When I ordered BT Vision 2 days ago, the man said that he would phone the confirmation through 2 days later.

Did I receive a call today.............no- of course not.

I phone BT, and guess what "the order has been cancelled sir."
No explanation, no reason. I have to order again! I was on the phone for one hour! The re-ordering took twice as long because "the other man did not cancel it properly."

Arrrrr!!!!!!!!!! That implies that BT tried to cancel my order- and they were not going to phone me were they?

Anyway, I have successfully re-ordered, and my service should be delivered in 2 weeks.

Lets see.....

(Rant Over)

Cazzi said...

I just spent 45 minutes on the phone to BT telling me i need to pay extra for paying my bill early most people would be happy to have their money early but NO not BT!!! After waiting 3 weeks for them to install it and then Paying them for a whole month when i could only use it for 10 days is just ridiculous but if i want to cancel i have to pay £330.97 so the next 18 months are going to be terrible glad to see im not the only one thats hates them
BT SUCK!!!!!!!

(rant done for now)

Anthony Constable said...

Well I do hope you have better luck with that most frustrating and impossible of companies. They are so exceptionally poor that it is a wonder that that BT isn't generally considered a national disgrace!!

Anonymous said...

I think BT should be bought out by someone who knows about customer service, appalling service, will be leaving ASAP!

brian parker said...

Ohh the pain, i'll probably share my own experience with the BeasT when my hatred calms a liitle.

John Whitworth said...

Following a 3-month dispute which has now been "resolved", I've put details of my own complaint onto a new website, with details of how to get a DSAR, and of how to use the new Consumer Contracts 2013 law to prove BT wrong in certain circumstances. http://www.complain-to-bt.co.uk