BT Breakthrough!

Picture created by Ina.

Yes you have it right, I have found the one and only way to deal with BT!

That is to speak/email a certain CEO of a certain company (which is our present focus of hate) and guess what?! You get a response within hours not days, as per the usual lag time of responses.

(EDIT: name and email of the ceo of BT have been taken down as this may result in an influx of angry people email him and detracting from my own issue. This will be a temporary thing and is done after a request by my flat mate. Sorry. But to be honest its an easy find, just use google.)

The response for me: That the issues I had will be sent to their super fast super skilled advanced customer support team of Uberness. Not those crappy plebs of which there are 2 of that deal with the thousands of thousands of calls every day.

Then a email was sent by BT, saying that 'Jason' on a specific phone number would deal with our problem from now on.

So guys. DO this now! and get some sort of resolutions to your problems!


Updates on the situ will follow.

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Ina said...

Good work Sir, emailed him a second ago. I even sent it from my @microsoft.com email account to make it extra snazzy...

Let's see how this goes :)