Me me me me MEEEEEE!

Ok, well maybe that is a little bit of a manic title... Err... sorry?

But it does efficiently (lol) describe what this post is about.


Well, that isn't strictly true, I guess it is something more for the benefit of a certain someone who I believe will be reading this terrible excuse for a blog in the near future and may be more interested in what is happening to me at the moment (in more detail than texting allows) than my travels in the wonderful World of Warcraft. ;-)

Firstly, I guess my aim at the moment is simply to find a way to live my life. University isn't life, it is something sub-par, based nowadays on drinking and JUST making it through as best you can but not doing the best you can. At least it was for me, and that was a massive disappointment. So right now I'm trying to access a career, and not learning. Even so that career is perversely is learning. Teaching to be exact. Ace!

St Martin's is the planned route. And Religious Education is the subject. I just hope it will agree with me... And I have the courage to give my hair a good cut! (its a good way down my back now (and yes I can hear you 'tut'-ing hehe)).

After that the world is getting a job and moving into a new house. The first has taken far far too long (I am ignoring the stint as a dinner lady) but is eventually going on be either on the phones at a tech support centre or at AXA insurance... On the phones. W00t.

Oh and I REALLY REALLY want to go to Leeds Festival!

Got a ticket?


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