US in IRAQ hot water shock!

Based off this tit-bit of sad news that US troops have died in a recent helicopter crash.

The Guardian online comments...

The blow came as the US president, George Bush, and the American ambassador to Iraq both stepped up the criticism of the country's prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, for failing to clamp down on sectarian violence.

Mr Maliki hit back at the criticism, declaring that no nation had the right to set "timetables" for the Iraqi government. He said his country could "find friends elsewhere".

The war of words capped another bleak day for the US military in Iraq.

I just don't fully understand the single(some may say blind) mindedness of the US with it's present foreign policy. The concept that they can bully the whole world in such a way that attempts to create a pressure of 'you have no other choice but to join us' has gone. The rising powers of China, Russia and others simply means that Mr Malaki's comments are ultimately true. They will move away from the west, something that could be seen as inevitable anyway.

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