(A new beginning)

For the last month or two (I could find out if it mattered too much, which it doesn’t) I was afraid to look at this blog, as it had a couple of posts which were a bit daft really and mostly induced by alcohol. I apologise.

Anyway, after creating a LiveJournal.com account (which I do not find as good as this in terms of usability and functioning) I return and will attempt to create some semblance of usefulness to this other than the rubbish pit for personal rants.

...Though I expect there will still be a fair few of those.

Anyway, once upon a time I wrote a story for my GCSE English coursework which sparked a number of short stories and a sign-up to the elfwood website of fantasy type wonders. Well, this spark of creativity has left me but is something which I wish to recreate.

How this will be achieved is interesting, I will use this blog not only for personal rants but for snippets of information making up some fantasy world which I will eventually write. Hopefully it will be comprehensive enough as well for others to join me and create a library of short stories written by a number of authors and published onto another blog connected to this... Well that is the plan anyway.

Now I just need to find some way to clear my head an start.


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