It seems as though this is the start of a number of things, apart from this blog of which i am not sure are good things or not.

Chief of which, and one of two i will write about, is a new girlfriend Kayleigh. Sounds a little trivial doesn't it. Well it possibly is in the long run of things (and here i am talking about life times) but at this moment in time it could be exactly what the doctor (or indeed myself) ordered; confusion is what seems to be ruling things at the moment... Confusion and change.

I am at university, Lancaster to be precise, and even though that is not exactly anything new (I am now into my second term) it still feels new. I am settled, yes. I am relaxed, yes. And I am enjoying myself here. But how can this new situation compare to my grounding and home before this? I think the simple answer is it can't and that from now until I 'settle down' in whatever guise that may take (married?) the solid defense of a place that is a real home will now be impossible.

Everywhere will be temporary.

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Anonymous said...

Heya! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Mine is much more juvenile and superficial than yours because I don't have your gift. I can't expose myself so nakedly. =)