Lancaster UNI's sucess?

It seems as if Lancaster University can celebrate, as Forbes has it within it's top ten of institutions for 1 year MBAs in Business.

I suppose this is a good thing, but it also ignores a lot of what is happening at the University. Mainly that many of the other areas and subjects are wholeheartedly not being given the expected amount of support for what is becoming a prestigious University, not only on a National but also (as the above article shows) an international footing.

Perfect examples for this as I think are across the board. From the basic facilities of computers available seems to be much reduced as the tumultuous changes that are sweeping across campus and its collages is enacted. If this will ever be returned is anyones guess.

The collages themselves are being pushed from pillar to post with concerns about the viability of the Bars and regular nights out they run.

The Art department has in recent years has its very existence in doubt, with costs being cited as the reason. But this does seem to avoid the realities of University life as old of an experience of collective advancement in all areas of life. Without the Arts to go alongside the business school, Music orientated subjects or any and everything else the University will be a lesser institution than it is now.

This idea of money being a major focus within the University is deplorable on its own but its not even the worst of it. There is a wholehearted change from a Student focused approach within Universities to that of an 'Organization'. And 'Organizations' have no interest in the experience of the individuals involved. As a result the issues what now hold true are Money, resources, legislation, dry internal political fights and little else.

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