Uk seeks new sea based resources in Atlantic

Apparently we (being the UK) are creating a new empire for ourselves.. Well according to the Guardian Today.

Plans are afoot to lay claim to extend territorial boundaries around our dependant colonies such as Ascension Island and the Falklands.

The Guardian in its traditional (ha) leftist, guilt ridden manor simply does not want our country to increase both its wealth and ability to ride any future impending fuel crisis that may or may not be effecting the world as fossil fuels run out.

Instead they weakly entitle the article with references to a new Empire - which will obviously be exploitative simply by the coining of the phrase - and ending with a comment about how Greenpeace sees the situation as a land-grab in the ocean. See the negative connotations they imply there? Well the rest of the article is nothing of the sort, a basic comment on the situation that even then forgets to comment on the possible benefits of such an increase in territory.

Shame that. It might actually good for us. I hope no-one else reports this story in a similar way.

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