The pint is saved from Europe... Shame about the Foreign Policy

Look as though the pint is saved!

"Many traders and consumers might choose to celebrate the lifting of the threat with 0.57 litres of beer - better known as a pint."[see Guardian link]

EU plans to force the United Kingdom onto the metric system have ended, as the Guardian online reports.

Shame about our passports, which are now seemingly going to include aspects such as referring to us as 'EU Citizens' and the like. Something which I don't quite understand as we can only be citizens of a sovereign country and as far as I know the United Kingdom is still (officially at least, though that is a whole other discussion) sovereign over the British Isles. [Initially reported in the Yorkshire Post, but then reproduced on the Devil's Kitchen].

I can't help but agree with the hostile response that DK gives to the way in which the EU manages to surreptitiously attack at our sovereignty with the full knowledge that there is no way in hell this would be allowed if they didn't use such clandestine methods as described in the article. The best in my opinion is the intrinsically obsolete European Embassies that will be created that member states will be encouraged to sue as their own personal embasies in many areas of the world.

Sneaky buggers.

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Ina said...

Alas, the pint isn't entirely saved. Our beloved crown mark is to be withdrawn from all pint glasses produced in the future:


So, I'm thinking of imposing some extremely harsh penalties on anyone who smashes a 'crown' pint glass in the future, any ideas?