The plan

"Ok then, a plan for tomorrow.

  • Decide on if I should go to 'The connor party' in loverpool.
  • Buy fathers day prezzies.
  • Begin job hunt.
  • Send e-mail to Trish in relation to Dissertation.
  • Pack all my things.
Though not in any sort of order, they are the aims for tomorrow. Then I can waste my time on games."

Number one.
Check, not going unless theres some stange and mirraculous way in which I can be both at home and in Loviverpool at the same time

Number two
Going to be done tomorrow.

Number three
Still to be looked at

Number four
Needs to be done!!!

Number five
Sortove done... Still needs to be organised... if indeed it ever will.


All in all, not too bad concidering that I got up at noon-ish and went to darby.

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