Going away (incomplete)

"What can you say to me? Really?" There was a pause, she looked hard into nothing as he staired directly into her one visable beautiful bright light blue eye, with her body turned slightly away from him.

Stuttering, and taking advantage of the pause and the indecision he saw in her movements and heard in her voice. He began to reel off what had become a mantra of justification in his head."I... I... I have made my decision, it is done. I am signed up... I have taken the oath. I..."

"I have gotten myself killed for nothing, leaveing everyone... Leaving me..." She mocked, but broke down in sobs whilst falling to her knees on the damp but bright springtime grass.

"Clara! Please, please... I have to... I never ment to hurt you." He moved to confort her, an arm around her beautiful body, careful not to mess the long deeply brown hair that reached halw way down her back.

"You never ment to WHAT?!" Did you have no idea what anyone would think of.... this?!" Her eyes suddenly blazed with an instant intensity that caused him to over balance in the kneeling postition with which he found himself. One foot went back, and standing on the trailing sword that had found space under him, he tripped and fell on his back with a slight grunt.

She giggled. A sound so utterly different from the spite of a moment before. Eyes lit up bright, but with a tear reaching the barely conceled smile. Clara held one hand out to pick him up, and another as a slightly clenched fist in a vain attempt to hide the obvious humor being shown by her lips.

"Aww, you fool! Bran. you absolute idiot, let me help you up!" Bran took her hand, and though there a I'm sure......


I was going to try and finish this... And it was going to get alot more fantasy... But im tired and i can see if going down the pan already so I wont...

I just thaught I would put something online, maybe its a start.

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