3 things to think about.


I still need to get this looked at... Methinks ive missed the first deadline that few people have even seemed to bother about. And my tutor hasnt gotten around to e-mailing me... I really need to catch up on this.

But on the plus side, ive got some research done, and actuall have an idea of what im ment to be covering now.


Now on the job front things are looking grim. Ive got a possible interview with a temping agency on monday, but appart from that everything has failed...

Going to do a line in uttoxeter, checking all the random stores like argos and Focus (who ive already rang and been rejected by) tomorrow i think... :S

Hope it goes well, else im gonna end up in Alton Towers again. :(


This is going to be such a legandary gig, i just cant wait to tell you the truth!

Will give full review on here, post-gig. I bet you cant wait.

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