English bashing.

From Dizzy Thinks. Probably should put this in PI4W but meh. :-P Here is a taste of the idiocy!

Gregory Campbell MP you are neither big, clever or funny
That this House notes the recent results of the Northern Ireland football team in the European Championship qualifiers, including the 2-1 win over Sweden; acknowledges the fact that after this latest result Northern Ireland now sits top of their group; salutes the outstanding performance of Lawrie Sanchez, all the team including top scorer David Healy, and their magnificent supporters; and encourages all the other home countries who currently occupy lower positions in their groups to take as their inspiration the country whose unofficial anthem is We're not Brazil, we're Northern Ireland.
Plaid Cymru have anti-English PPBs and now the DUP is having a dig at us and the bloody Scots. When will the madness end?

Bah, well they have no-one better(or worse) to yell at now they have had enough of yelling/blowing up/shooting each other (thankfully, in the case of Northern Ireland). We just have to watch out that it doesn't get too far and they stupidly begin to properly break the Union. It's intersting though, that these things stick to the small victories as if they prove a point or whatever. Silly politicians.

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That's not a Plaid Cymru ppb, it's just somebody's blog. Do get a grip.