Gah! How can they do this?!

Relentless the 'new' energy drink is 'orrible. How can they betray my love for the substances by releasing such a monstrosity!!!

And worst of all, it ACTUALLY looks like piss. Instead of most of them that just resemble it in some vague extent.


Lucy said...

The can looks like cheap park-bench drunkard's cider!

Anonymous said...

have you really got no idea about relentless?
its a drink made by a hardcore band, who are against alcohol+ drugs. It represents the straight edge and vegan lifestyle that is a surprisinly common lifestyle choice for young people these days. there is a lot more to being straight edge than that, but relentless is an energy drink that is needed for 'dancing' at gigs. it does look a bit like cider, but the only effect that has, in my opinion, is putting it in a whole 'say no to alcohol' category of its own; like sarcasm in a can.

Anonymous said...

I love Relentless so bads x] its sooooo tasty but i just drink it so much its unbelievable O_O i had like 7 cans in one day and i absolutely loves it to bits. and so do all my friends so dont say bad things about my drink >:|