Bugger this!

Right, I have one more essay to write.

I am about 20% the way through the probable amount of research I am going to do of which I should probably do more but meh. And I want to rant about the usually amazing lecturer Mick Dillon.

Baiscly the situation is that he has totally reworked the last (and most interesting half) of the course. And I have to choose a lecture topic to use as a essay question. What is annoying is that I have 2 or three days (depending on if i go out tomorrow night, in which to write something and I am not about to start and dredge up old topics to re-learn. Basicly this means I have to have a go at the topics most recent.

AS I have said, they were all messed up, re-worked, and generally incomprehensible with referance to the seminar topics that are in the handbook. Thus I am in a position of choosing my own essay title, with a limited amount of references, limited knowledge of foucault and limited time.

Thank god for Northern Ireland, the perfect filler of time for my essays. It seems as if it is basicly a case study for Foucault and his wakey theories!

Oh and my word has stopped working on my desktop... GRRR!


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