Back to Uni....

Back for my final term at Lancaster University and ive had my final seminars, lectures and what-not. Its odd... Things seem a bit empty now even though i have still got my exams; three of them to be precise. Maybe its just a matter of getting stuck back into the work, and that most hated of work - revision.

As a distraction I have recently discovered the 10 day free trial for World Of Warcraft... It can't be good. I just wish Dark Age of Camelot actually worked on this network instead. Gr.

Finally, a quote. From that most wonderful thinker that has ever graced this planet (even though he was French, heh) Foucault. He is talking about something more broad in this, but i can see also that this fits to Politics. It's not about what you do or indeed how you do it, but how you tell it.

“My intention was not to deal with the problem of truth, but with the problem of the truth-teller, or of truth-telling as an activity... At issue for me was rather the attempt to consider truth-telling as a specific activity, or as a role.” Foucault, Fearless Speech, pp. 169

Cheers. Anthony

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