World of warcraft - to - Revision - to - Exams

Bah, ive been had!

Those clever people at Blizzard have turned a quick 10-day free trial into a purchase into hours and hours spent playing that most hated of MMOs WORLD OF WARCRAFT!

Save me! End the internet! ....PLEASE!


Its fun though... I suppose.

Revision is naff. I hate it. It has no linier mostion; no progression that makes any sense to me. So the result is i find it incredibly hard to get into it. I guess its nothing abnormal. Its just a fact... And its going to have a detrimental effect on my exam results I bet!

Talking of exams. Only a week to go untill my first one. Ohh I'm gonna start shitting myself soon. W00t for sleepless, stressfulled nights.

Just realised that I have 2 weeks till my first exam... You have no idea how much of a relief that was.... Really you don't!

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