The End of Scrabulous? I can only hope....

Oh heavens forbid. When will the various corporations and companies realise that copyright infringement is not always a bad idea and can sometimes improve sales?

"Facebook has been asked to remove the Scrabulous game from its website by the makers of Scrabble."

Though I can only cheer on one side the impending doom of another scourge of my life via my girlfriend's obsession with all things 'casual gaming' but, WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY DOING?!  I can't see the makers of Scrabble being able to buy such publicity and promotion for their ancient form of entertainment. Truly, how can games on facebook equate to anything but sales of the board game?

That being said, maybe it is the connotations that they are unable to accept that the Internet is anything but bad and does nothing but watch porn and steal music; offensive and incorrect understandings of what is actually happening in 'cyber-space' (ha! not used that phrase in a LONG time). The final quote and word on the BBC article is possibly telling from the journalist's point of view.

"One message read: "I didn't have any Scrabble sets when I started playing Scrabulous a few months ago. Since I got hooked on that I have bought two sets."

Links have also been posted to the customer service areas of the Hasbro and Mattel websites so fans can register their protests with the toy makers. "

Yup, who said the BBC wasn't biased?

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