BBC Bias on climate change?

Just a quicky, mostly caused by my constant reading of the man-made climate skeptic Dk. That coupled with my knowledge of various websites devoted to highlighting the bias intrinsic (for whatever reason) within the BBC, its reporting, programming and whatnot. Example in the from of the Blog 'BBC Biased'.

Anyway, basically the point is that in the title of an article it reads...

Many climate systems will undergo a series of sudden shifts this century as a result of human-induced climate change.

Nice! Climate change is totally accepted and understood fully so as to be able to fully predict and warn about specific shifts. Not only this but these specific shifts are totally the result of human-induced climate change! Great!

Not exactly fully accepted by anyone with 1) a brain 2) autonomy 3) the fecking scientific community. Please read some of the posts here and here. The first being the most recent relevant topic from the aforementioned Devils Kitchen and the second being the result of a random google search (mostly from the laziness induced by man-made climate change man flu. :-( )

Anyway some sort of clarification is made in the article which, when you read it, is just comical. After such a conclusive title you swiftly realize it is based on not fact, not consensus, no other holistically acceptable source that would be expected of such an institution. In fact it is ONE single study amount thousands. A bit misleading don't you think?

Well anyway, im loosing the will to live.... Wheres my Lemsip?!

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