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At last someone who is sane and articulate enough to show what I have been thinking about Drugs for such a long time. Have a a look here! This has made my evening so much i may even get all the work I set myself to do completed for a change instead of wondering off into the endless battlegrounds of Internet gaming as per usual.

Not that I should be all that surprised that this has happened in that Dk generally expresses my views before I realise them in their entirety myself, but still its another happy occasion where I can congratulate the Devil on hitting the nail, on the proverbial head.

Whilst giving Magic Mushrooms the verdict of "Fucking Funny" as well as other lighthearted comments, he lines this all with a definite sense of the serious. That being the absolute belief that the illegality of recreational drugs causes more harm and is ideologically a disaster for society by right thinking libertarians.

The point that I am trying to make is that it is in the nature of a good proportion of human beings to want to "escape" from time to time. That can be the simple escape from the hum-drum of working life, through holidays or whatever. For some it's the escape from being oneself, for a while. And for many, it is simply that they like the effect that mind-altering substances have.

And look at the two drugs that we have legalised: smoking provides very little mental effect, and develops into a habit that kills through the way in which it is ingested.

Drinking (especially to escape) very often makes people violent, melancholy and irrational.
Seriously, what the fuck are we playing at? We've made entirely the wrong stuff illegal!


Anyway, please read, I'm sure everyone who reads this post will find it both provocative as well as reassuring/fearful to find intelligent people thinking in this way. Me? Well I can't see much changing... Though I can but hope. The only possible practical method of making any real alterations the systems surrounding drugs would be through some sort of total re-jig of the system for some other reason than the blatant reclassification of substances or indeed their full legalisation.

Really it wouldn't happen even if everyone wanted it. How could they then justify the thousands in jail. The social stigmatisation and ruination of thousands more and finally the money spent in an ineffectual law by the sate for nearly a hundred years? And possibly even more to the point, the jealousy held by those in power who missed out within their lives through misconceived fear of the substances as well as the law the joys of drugs.

I am no heavy user, nor will I be. But my minute dabbles would probably have landed me in jail for no other reason than I own curiosity and enjoyment of something that had NO NEGATIVE EFFECTS WITHIN MY OWN LIFE OR THE LIFE OF OTHERS.

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Devil's Kitchen said...

Thank you. All I wanted to point out was that I have taken a colossal amount of illegal drugs and I am not dead, unemployed or a wifebeater.

Drugs are good; one doesn't have to force people to take drugs, nor does one have to force people not to. Let them make their own damn decisions.