Saddam Hussein must die! ...aparently.

Humm... Theres something remarcably distasteful with the current preceedings in Iraq in as far as the sentance handed down against Saddam, to me, is intrinsicly abhorant. Death is not something that a state should decide on, especially a state whos first remembered action in history will be its handing down of the death penalty of its previous ruler. How can this be a benificial thing, how can this legacy be created on positive grounds. Revenge is never going to result in closure, just simply a continuation of hostilities.

The fact is that everyone knows this, but the blinkered populist politics. There are two areas to look at, 'home' in this sense I am talking about Iraq, for understandable but not enlightened reasons the majority want his final act to be his head rolling into a basket. And aboad(... Well aproad is basicly the US now... But thats another point entirely) being the international community who want a dramatic result of what is in general (at least for the initial stated reasons) a fruitless enterprise to woo domestic voters. "See! We did something, we killed someone....Important!"

I guess, my argument, if you take those two rambled point into concideration is this. That for what ever reason his death is something that is taken for granted and of all people the Judge was never going to do anything different, hell no! My point is that the pest possible solution to the problem of the Baddie Saddam Hussein is that most wonderful of judicial mechanisms, the appeal process. With a long winded appeal process Saddam can rot in his (probably confortable) hell of a prison cell and begradually and ultimatly ignored. Whats the point in following him if he is dead already (at least by decree) and the same logic goes with why sould people worry or expect his return?

The alternatives are much worse (though may ultimatly be seen as minor in the run-of-the-mill experience of Iraq). He dies. Hell breaks loose as Sunni Extremeists use this one event for another catylist of attacks. Many people die.

So, just let him rot, and die in prison. Its much better that way, no-one will really care about him after he has been condemed to death a couple of times. Just DONT kill the bastard.

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Sarah said...

Very good point....I agree....

See I do read your blog...and leave comments expressing extreme approval of them...

Awaiting the next one...:D