Ideology and Blair

Just a quick note, as I have a seminar in a moment...

But if Bush's justification for the war in Iraq on a personal level is his NeoConservative ideological perspective what is Blairs? I mean, everyone knows (yes that is beginning to be an overly accepted thing) that it was all spin and reasonings on a public level either were not the correct ones or were in some way increased to create a truthful and morally acceptable (well to some) reason for war... Then why did he take us there?

The need to fit in with his peers? (George Bushy-wooshy)

The fact is that everyone is so fucking baffled, of the war, of the political parties inability to actually represent individuals(as mass uniform single-issue groups) without the use of newspaper headlines, and of the sudden realisation that everything we believe in politically is fair game.

Its shameful. Its fucking scary.

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The Ripper said...

Its still unclear to me as to why Blair supported and followed Bush and the neocons so steadfastly down the rathole that Iraq has now officially become. I mean we all know Bush is an abject moron, however it always seemed that Blair was actually quite intelligent. Puzzling really.