Not that anyone will be all that interested in such things but here is a photo of NSC-68 the wonderful tome that sparked panic for the american govenment and peoples (and the rest of the world) towards the Soviets in the cold war.

I guess the word 'wonderful' was used as I always use it. That of it holding a strong tinge of sarcasm. It basicly shows (like with present events in Iraq show) that there is no-such thing as level headed, logical government and rational. That hysteria starts at the top; works its way down and results in stupidities in governance and people.

Please please please, can the leaders of the word world suddenly change? To accept logic, and the realities of existance, instead of fantasy and irrencincilable stupidities of ideology and pre-concieved political belief. Rahh!

(and before anyone comments, that political realities and the realities of states in a world of anarchy (and all that levels of realities stuff) can be totally different things... I dont really care (for the moment) let me contratdict myself and be idealistic for once!)

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