This is what I hate at the moment. The unresoluted desire to be something. To be someone. To hold in your hands an ability, above others that cannot be taken away but is always; always, given.


Lucy said...

Very poetic!

Sorry I can't think of anything more intellectual to comment at the moment; in my defence, it's half two in the morning. But I remembered I said I'd check out your blog so here I am :)

By the way, while I think of it... I'm running a sweepstake on when Blair's going to leave - costs £1 to enter, everyone guesses a day, 50p goes to the prize fund, 50p goes towards paying for a party when he goes! Person who gets the day right (or nearest) wins - and everybody else still gets a party to go to. Want in?

Anthony said...

Bah, indeed. Or drunken more like it.


Anyway, I need your contact details. As I seem to have lost them. :(