"Open Letter to a Lyrical Trainspotter"

Yup, the title has nothing to do with this post. It's by Mansun. It's ace.

Firstly, I know the below post isn't exactly right, I apologise. I didn't seem to get the text doc that I usually do with the proper code. Oh well.

But what the below does show is a sudden(maybe) urge to get involved with causes... Like this one... {link} Poor pendle bar, and pendle collage in general. But I guess the most important thing is here for the student body to look towards itself and what its own response will be. As people have pointed out this is most certainly the start of something else, be that a closure of the bar, to a wholesale ending of the collage system; the greatest asset to life at Lancaster University for many.

Ohh well, sleep is becoming to strong a thing to stave off..

Last comment.

From the wonderful Digg, comes this response by Hungryduck here to the ever expanding google empire.

"If Google ruled the world it wouldn't be THAT bad. You would be able to find your remote or your car keys just by typing it in and pressing "I'm feeling lucky""

...It worries me how much that appeals to me... Eep!

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