Libary Fun

Oh this is so great! [He said with a certain element of sarcasm]

Ive managed to (pritty easily) get a laptop on the University's WiFi network so I can now do EVERYTHING work related sitting in the 'reading' sections of the libary surrounded by the thousands of wonderful tomes and frustrated sutdents (who constantly wish they were able to do more than just blag essays/disertations/life).

Well, the net result, that I will be able to distract myself more with the internet with possibly a slight increase in actual real productivity and interlectual performance... Though I must admit today is a naff on account of me being remarcably tired(maybe I should have a nap or something later, naps are good).

So what am I doing at the moment? And essay it would seem, with the exciteing [Yes, sarcasm again] title of 'How would you account for the Origns of the Cold War?'. Sounds fun right? Well actually, it is ok, but I doubt that I will be able to write anything worth reading. Even so, here is where I have got so far.

The Origns of the cold war are a matter of conflicting pressures both internationally as well as (importantly) domesticly upon both power blocks, being NATO and the Warsaw pact countries. Not only this, but the interestingly restrained way in which the cold war played out was in some ways a result of the interactions and foundations of political and military formations of the Second World War.

There you have it... Its a bit shit really, but at least its a starting point. Mayhap its gonna get a couply of (Drasticly needed) alterations over the next week or so that I am writing it.

Have fun

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