Dissertations, Essays and The Meaning of Blogging.

Ha, well re-reading my last post was interesting.

Firstly, it showed that I had a better idea of what I was doing with my Poli:320 essay earlier on, and ive got sort of bogged down recently with it.. So I think im going to have a bit of a break from it to get a bit of my Dissertation done. Whoopy-Do!

Secondly its made me wonder why I am bothering with this at all?

Well The simple answer to this one is that its a way of structuring stuff in my own head. In that if i write it down, and think about it as I am doing so (most of the time) then things may stick a bit more than otherwise. I say I think about it a little more, mostly because of the obscure and unlikely possibility that someone may actually read this... So that oddly compelling public nature of this may make it something more than a crappy diary...

I dont know.

Anyway, quickly onto my Dissertation, which will look at the effect of the buldgoning neocons on International Relations. Basicly how their ability to miss-inform has resulted in one (if not two) wars and countless deaths. The idea that its ok for a more powerful society to attack a weaker one for its own means... Ahh actually thats somthing I thaught the UN was ment to deal with or something and that we have grown up as a world society to stop and get over...

Humm.. that was a bit of a ramble at the end, but as you can see it is (at least to me) something thats quite interesting and I guess I havnt yet put some paramiters yet onto the essay... Hopefully that will be done as soon as I meet up with my Tutor, Mark Lacy.

Have fun folks,

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