The spark?

[Ignore if you dont want to read some sad reflection on life.]

I was just in the shower, and against popular opinion I was just standing there thinking about a message that I had previously sent to a randommer on Myspace.

It was weird, randomly sending messages to people used to be something that I did every day when I was 16-17 whilst browsing the streets of elftown. And I found it remarcably hard to do for some reason. It was impossible to create a message that was both witty, relaxed and above all not too scary for someone totally new to understand and accept as fun. But, I realise, it was something that I was able to consistantly do when I was younger.

Yes I know, it sounds bad that im thinking about 'when I was younger' already, but thinking about it its not so bad it was 4+years ago! And in that time my experience of the world has expanded horribly wide. No longer do I have that ability of pecocious nievity that created mild arrogance in belief that somone actually wanted to talk to me. Now i simply think about why people would not want to speak to me, and try too hard.

Maybe I have lost something in the last few years, maybe university isnt actually a fulfilling experience, but something that takes much of the spark away from life by simply doing everything possible, or having the appearance of that.

Bah, its sad really, but i feel less of a person now than I did in freshers week two years ago.


Now on to reading that wonderful tome, 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People' as suggested by my father. Maybe this will help me out... Or maybe it just proves the point.

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